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Are these funky chickens?  Yes indeed.  They can sit on any pole, rod, bamboo or pipe and greet everyone who visits your garden.  The base is open so the chicks will be free hanging.  Of course they will also be happy sedately sitting on the ground or table.


Each one is individually made, starting on the wheel with hand modelled additions and hand painted glaze-in-glaze.   All of my chickens have different markings and there are slight variations in shape and size.  


Both are approximately 20 cm tall, 11 x 12cm at the base, and 13 x 14 wide and deep including wings and beak.  $86 each


Each item is individually made and may vary slightly in size and colour.  Price is per each. Support not included.


  • Care

    Can live outside everywhere, but protect from impact!  ouch!


  • Installation Tips for Chickens

    These chicks are happy to swing from a variety of supports – metal rods and bamboo work well.  The support should be firmly seated in the ground before adding the pottery.  Please do not use the pottery to push on the support as the ceramic may crack. 

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