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Garden Baubles

Garden Baubles


Spinning top globe, and pineachokes.  These garden pieces are made on the wheel with high fire porcelain clay (cone 10).  The "pineachokes" are carved and sculptural elements added.  The globe is painted with stripes on top of a raw white satin glaze.  They each have  a ring inside at the top to hold themselves upright when mounted on a 1 inch diameter support (pole, pipe, bamboo, broom handle or similar).


The globe is 9.5 inches tall, 5.5 inches round; the slim pineachoke is 8.5 inches tall x 4 inches round; the round pineachoke is 7.5 inches tall x 5 inches round.

  • Care

    Protect from impact.  These pieces can stay outside - to love them for a long time though, bring them in during winters with temperatures below freezing.  The globes are fine in any weather but the pineachokes may hold moisture in the lower leaves which could cracking.