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Poppyhead Birdbath 167

Poppyhead Birdbath 167

SKU: 167

Birds love this medium size bird bath.  It is designed to be mounted on a one inch diameter pole, which can be any pipe, tube, broomstick or shower curtain rod.  It looks lovely in the garden or a planter, and it is easy to move it to another location if desired.

Your mounting pipe can be any length, which means the bath can be situated at a height to protect birds from cats.


The bath is 11 inches tall, the basin is 6.25 inches across and <1 inch deep.


  • Care

    This birdbath should be protected from hard prolonged freezing.  We leave ours out in winter in Victoria and they have survived in snow to minus 10 degC.   Clean regularly to keep your bird friends happy and healthy.

    Protect from impact - such as falling tree branches or snow plows!

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