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Smokebush Tray

Smokebush Tray

SKU: 069

The Smokebush tray is  an elongated and squared oval shape, rather like a hockey rink.  It is glazed a creamy white with reactive brown slip clay inlaid leaf pattern inspired by the smokebush shrub outside my front door (Cotinus coggygria).  The ends of the tray are mottled stripey brown.  Inside is matte creamy white; it has a flat base and handles that are cut outs in the end walls.  


Width 10.75 inches x Length 15 inches x Height 2.75 inches

  • Care

    This piece is designed as a tray or as a serving piece. 

    However -  it can go in the oven with some precautions:  Not suitable for oily roasting, or high temperatures.    The flat bottom needs to heat up relatively slowly so place into a warm oven - not from fridge into a hot oven.  When removing from the oven do not place on a cold surface.  NOT for use on stovetop.

    Hand washing recommended.

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