Snowdrop Jars, oval with loop handle, sage green: Various sizes

Snowdrop Jars, oval with loop handle, sage green: Various sizes

SKU: 003

Porcelain jars, various sizes.

These thrown and hand-built porcelain jars are an elegant storage solution for anywhere in your home.

Each jar begins life thrown on a potters wheel as a cylinder without a bottom.  After being cut off the wheel-head, the shape is altered from round to oval and set onto a base made from a rolled clay slab. The lid is also made from a thin slab, and the handle is hand rolled into a loop shape while still wet and easily malleable.

When the pieces are almost dry, a studio-formulated matte green slip-glaze is applied to the outside of the form and the snowdrop pattern is carved through to reveal the white clay underneath. After the first firing (bisque) the entire piece is dipped into a glossy white glaze.  The still-wet glaze is wiped off of the outside leaving the white glaze only in the carved lines.  After the second firing the glossy white glaze in the lines makes a nice contrast to the matte surface of the green slip-glaze.  The interior is glossy white.

The loop handles add 2 cm to height per each:
Large:  H 9 cm; W 16 cm; L 13.5 cm
Medium-slim:  H 9.5 cm; W 13 cm; L 11 cm
Medium:  H 9 cm; W 13 cm; L 12 cm 
Medium-short:  H 7.5cm; W 13.5cm; L12 cm

Each piece is handmade and unique.  If you would like images of the exact piece you would receive please contact me here.


    Price is for small.  This product is often out of stock - please contact me if you would like to be notified when more are available.  Larger/smaller sizes.

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