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Wee Bird on a bauble

Wee Bird on a bauble


These garden balls are made of high fire porcelain, thrown on the wheel; the bird is freehand modelled hollow, and the decoration is hand painted.  Each ball and bird is unique. 


The ball has a 3/4 inch opening at the bottom and a ring inside the top to fit a support that is 3/4 inch diameter, such as pipe, tube or bamboo etc.  The ring is there to hold the ball upright.  A similar support such as rebar will work but might need some tape around the end to have a snug fit.

  • Care

    Protect from impact.  Bringing it inside in winter is recommended in areas of heavy snowfall or deep frost less than minus 10, due to possiblity of impact related accidents!  Please insert your chosen support into the ground before adding the bauble (do not use the bauble to push down on the support!)


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