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Cindy Gibson Ceramic Artist

I am a potter and ceramic artist with a long-standing love affair with porcelain clay.   With this wonderful material I marry traditional and contemporary design elements to express my interest in pattern and historical ceramics. 

I hold a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada and a European apprenticeship done in the busy production pottery workshop of David Anthony “Toepferei im Hof” in Heidelberg, Germany.  These contrasting disciplines have each contributed to the formation of my working style, in which both function and aesthetic play an integral role.

carving a pattern for coloured slip inlay on a demo tile

My work is design-led, usually beginning with an idea, a concept for use, sketches and lots and lots of glaze experiments. I use colour and carefully considered surfaces to evoke mood.  My summer work focuses on colourful, fun pieces for the garden, while my quieter, more contemplative winter work concentrates on sculptural and functional items for the home, and special-occasion commemorative pieces.

I have been enjoying the potter's life for many years and in 8 locations.  In England I worked as Ceramics Technician at Farnham College and freelance curator at the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen Gallery, before returning to Canada in 2003.  I currently live in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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