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My ceramics have been handcrafted with care using traditional time-tested methods.   I use porcelain or a blend of porcelain and cream coloured stoneware clays.  

About 75% of my work starts on the wheel, my favourite forming method.  Work not started on the wheel still begins with a lump of clay that will be rolled, pinched, sculpted or extruded.  Usually several techniques are combined.

I love to decorate and do so at every opportunity and at every stage of the making process.  My decoration is carved, stamped, slip trailed and painted freehand to compliment the form, and is unique to each particular piece.  I do not use commercial decals or transfers. 

The work is fired at least twice, in an electric kiln.  Once to 1035 degrees Celsius, and the second, the glaze firing, to 1285 degrees Celsius.   Sometimes a third or fourth firing is utilized depending on the desired effects.  

The clay body is vitrified, with a very low absorption rate, which makes it ideal for outdoor products.  It is also dense and strong, even when thin, making it possible to make items, such as teapots, lighter than is often expected with hand made pottery. 

I formulate my own slips and glazes and test them all, often.  All glazes used on functional pieces are food-use safe. Items with coloured painting on the inside have a clear food-safe glaze over the decoration.   The pottery can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, however you may want to treat your favourite handmade
pieces with the special attention of hand washing.  The colour will not fade or wash away, but in-the-dishwasher collisions do happen.

Read more about all things ceramic in this Victoria and Albert Museum article HERE.

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