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            Making Seedpods                   Click on image to view captions.

at the potters wheel today
it all starts with a lump of clay
isolating a portion of clay
using just the top part of the hump
throw a small cup shape
cut off the cup, leave the rest
start again making another cup
playing with shape
altering the shape
by pushing out from the inside
using a wood tool to add lobes
accentuate the shape
push out using a finger for dots
ready for a variety of tops
variety of sizes and shapes
start with another lump of clay
roll out to an even thickness
roll over a textured fired clay slab
the clay takes the reverse pattern
make some patterned, some plain
using tin cans for cutters
air inside helps pop out the clay
drape over convex bisque forms
some dotty tops attached
closed form, air inside
make a hole in the base
large enough to fit a dowel
the dowel fits snugly
and will stay there on its own
with wet hand, squeeze the base
pull to elongate
keep hand wet
shape with thumb pressure
gradually elongate
shape grooves
sponge to clean up marks
the dowel can come out now
dry, glaze and fire
seed pod with lacy top

Cindy Gibson, ceramic seedpod, porcelain, garden art seed-pod

seed pod with runny dots

Cindy Gibson, seedpod, ceramic seedpod, porcelain seed-pod, garden art seed pod

seedpod, indigo carved, dot top

Cindy Gibson, seedpod, indigo slip sgraffito, blue and white, ceramic seedpod, porcelain seed-pod, ceramic garden art

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