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 My medium of choice is porcelain.  I love to decorate, and porcelain  is the ideal canvas to support my imagery.  It is wonderfully snowy white and lustrous.  I fire my porcelain to a hot cone 10 – approximately 1285 degrees Celsius.  At this temperature the clay is fluid and, if thin, delicate and translucent.  But when thicker, porcelain is also robust and durable.  It is useful for a wide range of applications and gives me clear beautiful colour.

Shallow bowls, platters and teapots are favourites, but supporting pieces are many and varied.  Decoration for the sake of making something beautiful to commemorate a showy flower in the garden often happens… however, imagery also strays to include memories, symbolism or a simple repeat pattern.  My day to day life influences how meditative or lighthearted the finished pieces will be.

The aesthetic component in my utilitarian work is designed to be an integral part of the functionality of each piece. Certainly function, form and decoration must co-exist.  I want my utilitarian pieces to be a joy to use, and used often.   I make my ceramics with care and hope that the end user will experience a connection with me, the designer-maker.
Art enriches our lives, and function can be beautiful.

Cindy Gibson

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