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Bird Bath Seedhead, Yellow Orange Blue

Bird Bath Seedhead, Yellow Orange Blue

SKU: 2312

This sweet little bird bath is the perfect size.  Large enough to be attractive to birds and small enough to be mounted on a 1/4 inch / 0.64 cm metal rod (available at hardware stores  in various lengths).  The bowl is a 14cm diameter circle that is approximately 2.5 cm deep.  Overall height is 14 cm.

This version has an stylized floral pattern.


We have some of these baths in our garden and love to watch song birds splashing around or taking a drink.  We even had a crow washing and breaking up a bagel before flying away with pieces.


This handmade item started as a lump of clay and was thrown on a potters wheel.  It has been decorated with studio made coloured slips and clear glaze, then fired to 1280 C.  The colour will not fade or be washed away. 


Each item is individually made and may vary slightly in size and colour. Price is per each. Rod not included.

  • Ceramic Care

    This piece has a crackle clear glaze that I recommend should be stored indoors during harsh winter weather. 

  • Mounting Tips for bird baths

    This bird bath will accommodate a 1/4 inch / 0.64 cm  metal rod.  The rod should firmly seated in the ground before adding the pottery.  Please do not use the pottery to push on the rod as the ceramic may crack. 

    In the centre of the underside of the bowl (inside the piece) there is a ring which forms a divot for the rod to slot into, which will keep the piece upright once installed.  The hole in the base is made slightly larger than it needs to be to compensate for shrinkage and possible warping in the kiln.  If you find that the piece moves around too much, a bit of tape around the rod just inside the base will make it nice and snug.


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