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Standard Bird Feeder: Lolli 013C

Standard Bird Feeder: Lolli 013C

SKU: 2319

This bird feeder is made of high-fire porcelain clay, thrown on a potters wheel in four pieces and then assembled.  The hand-made beads are also porcelain, and it is all held together with a coated steel cable which also forms the hanger.  Lift the lid to fill with seed.  To keep the seed dry, the lid is designed with a generous overhang and there are drain holes in the base.   Your birds will love you and your feeder will retain its fade-free good looks for many years of use.
Approximately 12w x 12d x 12h inches; 30.5w x 30.5d x 30.5h cm  White with multi colour.

Each piece is handmade and unique.  Orders may vary slightly from the image shown.   

  • Care instructions

    This feeder can remain out doors in all weather as long as moisture can drain.  Clean regularly to ensure that the drainage holes remain clear.

    Protect from impact - such as falling tree branches, and hang away from hard surfaces.

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