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Garden Disc, Lolli Bouquet/Burst

Garden Disc, Lolli Bouquet/Burst


These little cuties look great in any garden bed.  They are disc shape, with a 1/4 inch / 0.635 cm hole for mounting.  They look great in garden beds, planters and even large flower arrangements in a vase.   I also use these on top of rods to protect weather cover over tender plants.


The images show front and back.

Small 10cm diameter; Medium 12 cm diameter; [Large 13.5 cm diameter Out of stock].  Depths between 3.5  and 4.5 cm.


Each item is individually made and may vary slightly in size and colour.  Price is per each.  Rod not supplied.

  • Care

    These discs can stay outside in all weather.  

  • Installation Tips

    The seedheads will accommodate a 1/4 inch / 0.64 cm  metal rod.  The rod should be firmly seated in the ground before adding the pottery.  Please do not use the pottery to push on the rod as the ceramic may crack. 

    The hole in the base is made slightly larger than it needs to be to compensate for shrinkage and possible warping in the kiln.  If you find that the piece moves around too much, a bit of tape around the rod just inside the base will make it nice and snug.

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