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Mini Bird Baths, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange

Mini Bird Baths, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange

SKU: 2318

Mini bird baths... handy for birds to have a quick drink or splash.

The pieces have a colourful floral pattern on the top and a variety of carved green leaf patterns on the underside, and stems of blue and white.  They should be mounted on a rod, dowel or bamboo and are not designed to stand independently.


Dimensions are approximately 10 to 10.5 cm across and 8.5 to 9 cm tall [item 3 is slightly smaller].  There is a tiny little "bowl" in the centre of the flower which is 3.5 to 3 cm across and 1 to 1.5 cm deep. 


These pieces are thrown on the potters wheel and have a handbuilt "stem".   They are decorated with studio made coloured slips, carved, fired, glazed with a studio formulated clear glaze, then fired again to 1280 degrees Celsius.   Each has an approximately 1/4 inch / 0.635 cm hole for mounting on a support pole or rod to stand in garden, planter or vase.


Slight variation in size and colour celebrate the individual hand made natue of these items.  Price is per each.  Support rod not supplied.

  • Ceramic Care

    These pieces are pretty sturdy, but will break on impact with a harder surface.  For more detailed information read "Ceramic Care" on this site under "studio".

  • Installation Tips

    The mini baths will accommodate a small diameter [5 to 7 mm] bamboo, metal rod, dowel or similar support which should be firmly seated in the ground before adding the pottery.  Please do not use the pottery to push on the support as the ceramic may crack. 

    The hole in the stem is made slightly larger than 5mm to compensate for shrinkage and possible warping in the kiln.  If you find that the piece moves around too much, a bit of tape around the support just inside the base will make it nice and snug.

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