Cindy Gibson Ceramics COVID-19 protocol is in place.

Shop and pay online if you prefer minimal contact.  Shipping fees can be avoided by selecting studio/front door pickup in checkout.

Studio visits may still be possible but are dependent on current provincial guidelines so please contact me for information and to book a time.  If you need to come by "today" please phone 250-592-8257.

Thank you in advance for respecting the following rules:

*Face masks are required.

*Hand sanitizer is provided and must be used.  Common surfaces are regularly sanitized but please use the sanitizer before leaving as well.

*For contact tracing purposes a name and contact phone or email will be collected.  I will not use these for any other purpose.  If you'd like to be on my mailing list you may sign up HERE.

And of course...Please do not visit if you are sick, have been in contact with someone who is sick, of are self-isolating for any reason.


Corona Virus Protocol  (2 Artist) Christmas in Oaklands Show 2020

** Thank you in advance for respecting the following restrictions when visiting our event:

*Face masks are required.

*Hand sanitizer will be provided and must be used; or you may wear disposable gloves.  Contact surfaces will be cleaned between visitors.

* For contact tracing purposes we will collect a name and contact phone or email for each visitor or at least one person in each family or friend group. 

*We will provide a covered (open porch or market tent) area for visitors waiting their turn to come in.

*The number of guests entering will be controlled, based on the room size in each of our homes.  You are welcome to come with family or friends, but numbers inside must not be exceeded.  

*We have extended the open times and days of the show in order to facilitate spreading out the arrival of visitors.  Appointment visiting will be available December 7 until December 11.  Message me here.

We accept all payment methods for purchases, (our favourite being Debit Tap).  Hand sanitizer will be on hand and machines will be cleaned! 


And of course..... Please do not attend if you are sick, have been in contact with someone who is sick, or if you are self-isolating for any reason.

NOTE**   This event did not take place as planned due to tightened covid restrictions at the time, which prevented indoor gatherings of any kind.   My sales shifted to on-line only, with front door pickup. 

We hope for an in person show in 2021.  Keep safe everybody!

Corona Virus Protocol for 6 Artists - June 2020 Art in the Garden show and sale


**Thank you in advance for respecting the following restrictions when visiting our event:


*We will monitor the number of people entering the garden to allow for one person or family grouping at each table.


*Please enter from the Gosworth St side of the house.  It will be clearly marked.


*Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.  There will also be gloves, if you prefer, for handling the work.


*If you wish to wear a mask, we ask that you bring your own and respect the 6 foot distancing rule at all times.  The tables are 6 feet long so will act as a guide.  Where spacing may be unclear, there will be markers.


*Please view all you wish to see going in one direction as you follow the tables around.  If there are pieces you are interested in, please carry them with you as you go, to the end of the displays.


*Line up on the inside of the garden to make purchases.  There will be a separate table near the sales area where you can make your final choices and leave others behind if you wish.


We look forward to welcoming you!  Please exit through the front arbor onto Westall Ave. 

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Cindy Gibson
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